Kathmandu Insulin Study

100% completed

Despite being available in use for past 100 years, evidence shows a little has changed in access to insulin. With increasing diabetes burden, poor access to insulin is becoming a serious public health concern in low and middle-income countries including Nepal. The Nepal Insulin Sample study is based on an earlier research conducted in Delhi state India, by Abhishek Sharma and Warren Kaplan of Boston University School of Public Health. Based on their methodology, this Nepal survey will employ an exploratory, mixed methods approach that includes a modified World Health Organization (WHO)/Health Action International (HAI) standard survey to assess insulin availability and prices, and qualitative interviews with stakeholders to understand insulin market dynamics in Nepal’s Kathmandu valley – the area comprising Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kathmandu—the largest metropolitan and the national capital. This survey completed August 2017. If you like to know more about the study, feel free to email us; Shiva Raj Mishra: shivarajmishra@gmail.com, Nepal Development Society (NEDS) or Abhishek Sharma, BUSPH: abhi0991@bu.edu