Charity and support to patients

November 24, 2017
100% completed

Malati Neupane is suffering from blood cancer and currently under treatment in BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, Chitwan, Nepal.  Her treatment requires two round of chemotherapy for approximately two years. For her family, accessing Cancer treatment was hardly possible due to their poor financial status. Thanks to the generous support of people through NEDS, collected funds (NRs 150,000) supported her in receiving first line of treatment. She has now been lot better. However, she still requires second round of chemotherapy and treatment. She wants to fight against the cancer and complete her education. She has a dream of becoming a Doctor and serving people with cancer. She is waiting us–the people with generous heart and helping hands to support her in second round of treatment.

Helping hands has already started showing up. But still she needs more to complete her fight against cancer. We want to acknowledge and appreciate following individuals who provided support to Malati in second round of treatment.

Rojina=200 DKK, Ranjila=200 DKK, Rupesh=250 DKK, Srijana=300 DKK, Bishal=250 DKK

You can be the next. Deposit your donation to Nepal Development Society Account Number: 194-25240200385,SBI Bank Limited, Narayangarh Branch, Nepal. And send the recepit to

NEDS conducted another fund raiser for treatment support of Hari (name changed) in September 2014. Hari is suffering from severe psychiatric illness  since four years. His family members were not able to take him to hospital due to economic reasons. NEDS collected 150000 NRS from individuals, organizations and also anonymous donations were received. He is now under treamtnet in Kathmandu.