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Where it all began

Who are we?

Nepal Development Society is the leading research NGO from Nepal established in 2013. It  focuses on governance, public policy, research and planning. It imparts services for deeper impact of policy, plan and development process with due attention on social, economic, health and environmental issues at national and sub-nation levels.

Official Information
Description Organization Pan/VAT Social Welfare council
Place of Registration District administrative office, Chitwan Inland Revenue Office, Chitwan Social Welfare council office, Kathmandu
Date of Registration AD Aug 18, 2013 Aug 25, 2013 Aug 23, 2013
Date of Registration yy/mm/dd 2070/05/02 2070/05/09 2070/05/07
Registration No 14 601354766 37768
Organization Structure

The organization has a team of experts with several years of experiences from diverse sectors such as health, agriculture, forestry, engineering and social science. It has gained substantial experience on farmers’ health, effects of pesticides, gender-based violence, community-based intervention for hypertension and diabetes, female community health volunteers,  cooperatives for farmers, fields of governance, institutional development, management, development planning caters the needs of quality services to its clients using their networks and innovative ideas. The organization has an executive board of directors which consists of experts from different fields. The executive board assign an executive director as a focal person who coordinates between the executive board members, partners and employee. The executive board  is responsible for hiring staff, approviding budgets, supervision and planning. There is a regular meeting, at least once a year for general assembly.


Know Us More

NeDS has gradually evolved as a multi-disciplinary research and development organization with its innovative, technical, management and research competencies. It has delivered quality services to a diverse spectrum of organizations ranging from Governments, Development Agencies, I/NGOs and Private Sector Organizations. The NGO has a wide reach and spread of its services in all geographical regions, provinces and local governments of the country. It has strong legacy in the areas of research and surveys, institutional development, capacity assessment, evidence and result based planning, monitoring and evaluation, engineering, management and policy advisory services in the context of federal governance of system the country. NeDS has a strong team of dynamic professionals well recognized by all ranges of the client for its cost-effective, innovative services and practical solutions through a sharing of knowledge and expertise.

The NeDS provides policy, guideline and direction towards the achievements of its vision/mission and goal. The organization structure adopted is based on virtual organization concept, which is run by small core team and has capacity manage to  all kinds of project and assignment at once by mobilizing the resource person in its pool. The NGO is backing up by qualified and experienced professionals and advisors of various fields for helping the core team for quality services.

NeDS has sound project management capability. It appoints a project coordinator to each project, who is responsible to ensure quality control and time accomplishment of deliverables and facilitate work progress according to the project plan. According, it mobilizes expert services and support from associate consultants.

An effective and efficient quality assurance practice and measures implemented in accordance to the standard procedure to ensure proper planning, design, supervision and management to accomplish the project. The organisation is well organized and structured to fulfill the needs of the clients and offers reliable, innovative and quality services with an aim to promote goodwill and cordial relationship.

Projects and Timelines

NeDS has undertaken various studies in the past of similar nature for several governmental and development agencies including Government of Nepal (GoN), sub-national governments, UN Agencies, I/NGOs. NeDS has successfully carried out following related works:

SN Tasks Clients/ Funding Agency Year
    1 Community-based management of non-communicable diseases in Nepal Aarhus University, Denmark; Jayanti Memorial Trust, CDC, Johns Hopkins University, USA, Monas University, Australia etc 2013-2021
          2 Health, Engineering and Agriculture Project Medico International (m.i.) Gmbh, Germany 2014-2018
          3 Diabetes Management by Lay Health Workers in Nepal World Diabetes Foundation 2017-2021
          4 May Measurement Month (MMM) Torrens University Australia, CDC America, JMT Nepal, International Society of Hypertension, Ministry of Health, Provincial Governments 2017-2021
          5 Management of hypertension utilizing trained community health worker in rural municipalities of Gandaki province of Nepal (Mutu) Johns Hopkins University (JHU), USA 2019-2021
          6 Helmet Doctor Project, Rupa Rural Municipality, Gorkha, Project to support community in the COVID pandemic situation World Diabetes Foundation 2019-2021
          7 Composting and recycling for household and industrial waste management in Chitwan, Nepal (CAR-Nepal) International Center for Occupational, Environmental and Public Health (ICOEPH, Denmark) 2020-2022
          8 Helmet Doctor Project, Palungtar, Gorkha, Project to support community in the COVID pandemic situation Nepal Med e.v., Germany 2020-2021
Our Board Members
SN Position Name
1. President Dr Nisha Rana
2. Vice President Mr. Shambhu Raj Lamsal
3. Secretary Mr Ram Krishna Dahal
4. Treasurer Mr Hari Krishna Bhattarai
5. Member Dr Bishokshan Kafle
6. Member Dr. Rajshree Thapa
7. Member Dr. Tara Ballav Adhikari
8. Member Dr Janak Dhakal
9. Member Ms Soni Bassi