SOLID Health

विश्व वातावरण दिवस २०२२ को अवसरमा भरतपुर महानगपालिकाको सप्ताहव्यापी कार्यक्रम अन्तर्गत दुई विद्यालयमा बगैंचा निर्माण गरिएको छ । बेटर चितवनको नेतृत्वमा भरतपुर २८ अन्द्र्यौलिका दुई विद्यालय श्री आधारभूत विद्यालय र श्री आधारभूत विद्यालय सिसाबासमा बगैंचा निर्माण तथा विद्यार्थी अभिमुखीकरण कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न गरिएको हो ।
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This week, the process of formation of children’s clubs was taken forward in three community schools of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Chitwan. Students were oriented on Waste management and hence will lead the waste management campaign in School through Better School Club. Also, wall bards have been handed over to enhance the creative potential of the...
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Beautiful interaction program organized by Better School Club of Peace Zone English School, Bharatpur. Chairperson of the Club Miss. Barsha Shrestha gave a presentation on the activities of BSC Peace Zone on waste management and environment conservation. Dr. Kurt Rasmussen and Dr. Anshu Varma of ICOPEH from Denmark were the chief guest of the program.
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Awareness program related to waste management has been successfully conducted at Prembasti Higher Secondary School, Bharatpur. Orientation on waste management has been provided to the 90 students studying in class 10 in the school. During the program, information was provided about the condition of municipal waste in Bharatpur Metropolitan City, type of waste and its...
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Program NameImproving public health and environmental health in Nepal through appropriate solid waste management (SOLID-HEALTH)
Project AreasChitwan, Pokhara, Janakpur, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj


The overall objective is a civil society taking active responsibility to improve their health and environment by a proper waste management at household and small scale industrial level.