Health, Engineering and Agriculture Program (HEAP)

Project Overview

Working areas

Gorkha, Nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha

Duration of assignment (months)

38 months

Name of Client

Medico International (m.i.) Gmbh, Germany

Total No. of staff-months of the assignment

Core staff 16 persons  & 20+ volunteers 

Total 250 staff month 

Start date 

Completion date

December, 2015

January, 2019

Approx. value of the contract (in current US$)

USD$ 400,000

Contact Person, Title/Designation and Contact Address

Kalidas Neupane, Project Coordinator, 9851205236

Description of the project

The project was for post-earthquake relief and reconstruction activities focusing on cross-cutting issues like health, agriculture and engineering sector in the most severely affected districts in Nepal. This program further covered the major issues after earthquake i.e. Health, Engineering and Agriculture which are the necessary recovery activities after the earthquake. As part of the project, we have conducted a series of qualitative and quantitative assessment before implementing the project on the ground. As part of the project, we provided skilled based training to local masons, carpenters and electricians from earthquake affected communities. We are one of a few organizations who provided mason and carpenter training to women from several districts of Nepal. Both mason and carpenter work in Nepal is dominated by male workers. We also provided training to the farmers for good agricultural practices for earthquake affected families. At the end of the project, we were able to develop a skilled based training center for providing training of mason, carpenter and electrician. 

Activities and Impact of the project

Farmers in Manbu have started good agriculture practice which helps to grow more vegetables and other cash crops. Many of the trained masons, electrician and carpenters involve in work some of them especially electrician has been started their own business and start to work in the community. The school children are adopting the proper hygiene and sanitation practice, and we hope that it will be more helpful to protect them from many diseases., The quantitative objective achieved as follows 

  • Trained 8 school management committee for improvement of school environment for 159 teachers and parents.
  • Trained 1116 number of student of 10 schools for basic sanitation and hygiene in the meantime distributed basic sanitary kits for motivation of the  participants 
  • Performed soil test for N, P, K and pH of 408 places in the project area and advised the finding consequences to the concern farmers 
  • Trained 356 farmers of 18 farmers groups on high value crop production techniques of large cardamom, orange, coffee an cumin
  • Trained selected 20 farmers for drip irrigation practices from 10 farmers group 
  • Distributed 10 drip irrigation sets  for demonstration 
  • Trained 46 persons from 46 households for proper management of organic household for the neighbour families of NEDS office at Chitwan.
  • Provided CTEVT level 1 training to 126 Electrician, 109 carpenter, 117 mason and 20 plumbers.