Message from Executive Director

Dr. Sweta Koirala

Executive Director, NeDS

On behalf of Nepal Development Society (NeDS) family, Namaste and welcome to our website. Ever since its establishment in 2013, NeDS has committed itself into community-based research activities. It is a matter of pride to let you know that various research accomplished by NeDS has also produced a handful of Ph.D. graduates. I feel honored to be working for NeDS which is continuing its growth as a successful NGO in Nepal where initiatives taken by dedicated youth is developing a healthy community. Currently, NeDS has many on-going projects in hand the details of which you are invited to read in this website. For many years, NeDS have been conducting multiple kinds of innovative research on non-communicable diseases the result of which has been successfully disseminated to the concerning faculties that may contribute to policy making in the country. NeDS has also worked in the field of waste management and has been successful in bringing the waste problem into community’s notice the outcome of which, many households have pledged to reduce, reuse, and recycle their waste and started composting the biodegradable waste at their residence. When there was a relief needed during the earthquake 2015, NeDS has helped the villagers strategically that could be both sustainable and lifesaving. When there was an urgent need for COVID-19 response in the country, the NeDS family have worked whole heartedly into helping the community by giving the right information from the website, educating Female community health volunteers about COVID-19, introducing toll free phone numbers for free consultation and help. During the pandemic, NeDS also came up with the concept of Helmet Doctor project in which the community people received physician’s consultation and their regular medication at the doorstep that minimized their transportation to the city for a check-up or medicine purchase. I strongly believe that the enthusiasm to work for the community people and the zeal interest to serve the society in whatever constructive way NeDS can and successfully accomplish the task in hand convey the sense of our dedication to building a better world for Nepalese people. As you browse through our website, I hope you will get to sense the endeavors of NeDS, reflecting our pride, expertise, reliability, and passion.

With Warm Regards,
Sweta Koirala