Data access

Data access

Data on Nepal bioBank is a public good. However, the users have to comply with the policies of existing studies, databases where the data is sourced from.

Data access policies
Data access-policies can be requested via Type ‘Nepal Biobank-data access policies’ for queries.

Data dictionary
Data dictionary are specific to studies. Therefore we would provide the data-dictionary along with the data.

Frequently asked questions

What is Nepal Biobank?
Learning from experiences of other biobanks in the UK and China, Nepal Biobank is an open-access platform created by Nepal Development Society (NeDS), a civil society research-based NGO, registered in Chitwan Nepal. Please visit ‘About Nepal Biobank’ section for more information.

Who is running it?
This is run by Nepal Development Society, a civil society NGO based in Nepal.

Where does the data come from?
The biobank has two approaches to data harvesting. First, we have data from three waves of consecutive surveys conducted by NeDS between 2014-2017 in Kaski district and two more two be carried out until 2019. It covers nearly 3,000 individuals giving nearly 9000 person-years of data, of whom 70% are female.

What variables the biobank has?
We have blood pressure (SBP, DBP, heart rate) and diabetes (blood sugar) as the endpoint. Beside that have information on major modifiable risk factors for NCDs recommended by WHO. Next surveys in 2018-19, has been planned to add data points including information on reproductive, environmental markers of NCDs. Further, a verbal autopsy will be conducted to assess the history of cardiovascular diseases namely heart failure, heart attack, and stroke.

What is the benefit of sharing data?
The shared data will be harmonized with the existing data in the Biobank, giving it the power to assess the markers of chronic diseases robustly. All the studies contributing the data will be credited as collaborators and included in future studies.

What about the privacy of shared data?
The data will be de-identified after arrival and will remain password protected. Only collaborators can access and download the data; however, cannot make changes in the data structure.

Are there any charges for taking part?
There are no charges for taking part in Biobank.

Are the data available for international collaborators?
The data will be available for international collaborators, on request. Please write to us at with subject “Nepal Biobank-data request”

Login to access data
The data-login is being created. If you have any data-related queries please email us at with subject “Nepal Biobank-login request”.