Free Health Camp and Orientation Program in Janakpur Metropolitan City

As per the SOLID-HEALTH PROJECT, Nepal Development Society conducted a successful Free Health Camp & Orientation Program in Janakpur Metropolitan City for sanitation workers from March 21 to 23! Over three days, 165 workers received comprehensive health screenings, including tests for TB, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B & C, Kalaazar, Dengue, blood sugar, urine sugar, and albumin levels. Following screenings, they received personalized medications and essential gear for their safety.

Thanks to the unwavering support of esteemed guests: Mayor Manoj Kumar Sah, Deputy Mayor Kishori Sah, Member of Provincial Assembly and Social Activist Ram Ashis Yadav, we were able to make a meaningful impact.

A heartfelt gratitude to Shyam Thakur, Head of the Sanitation Section, Doctors, Lab personnel, Quest Pharmaceuticals, Staff members, including our trainers Tara Bahadur Khati and Sanjay Kumar Shah, and the participants for their invaluable contributions to this initiative. Together, we are developing healthier, safer, and more dignified communities for everyone. #CommunityHealth #SanitationWorkers #Sanitaionheroes #Janakpur #NepalDevelopmentSociety



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