As per the SOLID-HEALTH PROJECT, Nepal Development Society conducted a successful Free Health Camp & Orientation Program in Janakpur Metropolitan City for sanitation workers from March 21 to 23! Over three days, 165 workers received comprehensive health screenings, including tests for TB, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B & C, Kalaazar, Dengue, blood sugar, urine sugar, and albumin...
HRIDAYA “Heart’s Intervention Design Targeting Younger Adults & Ageing Population”
GAC-PAQ “Development and validation of the Global Adolescent and Child Physical Activity Questionnaire : A multi-country study across six continents”
COBIN CKDu “Work in Heat and Health –a tool box for occupational studies in manual works in LMIC countries”
SUNRISE Pilot Study “Study of 24 hour movement behaviour in the 3 to 4 year old children”
Report Card Development on Physical Activity for children and adolescent Global Matrix 4.0 (Project 2020-2022)
विश्व वातावरण दिवस २०२२ को अवसरमा भरतपुर महानगपालिकाको सप्ताहव्यापी कार्यक्रम अन्तर्गत दुई विद्यालयमा बगैंचा निर्माण गरिएको छ । बेटर चितवनको नेतृत्वमा भरतपुर २८ अन्द्र्यौलिका दुई विद्यालय श्री आधारभूत विद्यालय र श्री आधारभूत विद्यालय सिसाबासमा बगैंचा निर्माण तथा विद्यार्थी अभिमुखीकरण कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न गरिएको हो ।
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