RAP Meeting under the JTIPS project The RAP meeting on 19 June 2024 was a key step in endorsing the RAP guidelines and gathering essential feedback on the research tools developed by the NEDS team. Various stakeholders, including Joint Trade Union Co-ordination (JTUCC), Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau (AHTB), National Network for Safer Migration (NNSM), National Human...
HRIDAYA “Heart’s Intervention Design Targeting Younger Adults & Ageing Population”
GAC-PAQ “Development and validation of the Global Adolescent and Child Physical Activity Questionnaire : A multi-country study across six continents”
COBIN CKDu “Work in Heat and Health –a tool box for occupational studies in manual works in LMIC countries”
The name of the project is Intervention Development for Trafficked Nepali Labor Migrants, which shall also be named Enhanced Network for Safety and Occupational Health Utilization and Risk Evaluation, in short as ENSURE-Nepal. The project is funded by the United States Department of State and jointly managed by the four partners: La Isla Network Inc.,...
SUNRISE Pilot Study “Study of 24 hour movement behaviour in the 3 to 4 year old children”
Report Card Development on Physical Activity for children and adolescent Global Matrix 4.0 (Project 2020-2022)