Dr. Bishoksan Kafle


Professional Summary

Bishoksan Kafle is a researcher at IMDEA Software Institute, Madrid, Spain. His research interests include Automated Reasoning, Program Analysis, Software Model Checking, Constraints Solving, Program Specialisation, Horn Clauses Analysis and Verification. Apart from academia, he is interested in mysticism, philosophy of mind and mindfulness, and volunteers on mindfulness programs around the world.

After completing high school in Nepal, Bishoksan went to Central University of Las Villas, Cuba under the Nepalese government scholarship for his undergraduate education in computer science. Then, he received his master’s degree in computational logic from Dresden University of Technology, Germany; Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy; and New University of Lisbon, Portugal, all under the Erasmus Mundus programme, after which, he went ahead to complete his PhD from Roskilde University, Denmark specializing in automated Horn clauses verification.

Prior to joining IMDEA, Bishoksan was a research fellow at the school of computing and information systems at the University of Melbourne, Australia, where he continues as an honorary researcher. During the second quarter of 2015, he was a visiting researcher at NASA Ames Research Center in California working on resource analysis of avionics systems. Since October 2018, he has been serving as an assessor for the Australian Research Council.