Gita Shah

Project Director

Gita Shah is a dedicated professional with expertise in public health management and project leadership. Currently serving as the Project Director for the SOLID HEALTH project at Nepal Development Society, she focuses on addressing public health and environmental challenges related to solid waste management in Nepal. With over two years of experience in this role, Gita oversees all aspects of project management, including research, stakeholder coordination, budgeting, and ensuring adherence to project objectives.

Before her current role, Gita served as a Program Coordinator at Save the Children, managing initiatives in adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) and maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH). She demonstrated strategic planning, budget management, and capacity-building skills, partnership management, contributing significantly to health system strengthening and improved outcomes for vulnerable populations. Furthermore, her tenure as a Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Officer at CARE Nepal equipped her with expertise in conducting situational analyses, designing monitoring tools, and documenting best practices. 

Gita’s educational background includes a master’s degree in public health and Sociology, complemented by intermediate degrees in Health Assistance and Commerce. She has honed her skills through various training programs focusing on management, advocacy, communication, and financial management. Her proficiency in languages such as Maithili, Nepali, English, Hindi, and Awadhi/Bhojpuri, enables her to effectively communicate and collaborate with diverse stakeholders. Her commitment to improving public health and environmental sustainability resonates through her personal and professional endeavors. Highly regarded by colleagues and supervisors, Gita’s professional integrity and leadership qualities are acknowledged by references from her seniors and key stakeholders in the development sector.

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