Mr. Ram Krishna Dahal

Secretory, (Asst. Professor, Central Department of Computer Science and IT, TU test)

Professional Summary

Ram Krishna Dahal holds Executive master’s in business administration (EMBA), 2016, Pokhara University and Master of Science in Computer Science and IT (MScCSIT), 2012, Tribhuvan University.

Dahal is Founder member of Information Security Response Team Nepal (NPCERT) and Life Member of Federation of Computer Association of Nepal (FCAN). Also, he is Executive Member of Center for Cybersecurity Research and Innovation Nepal (CSRI).

He was the Founder Principal of Kathmandu College of Technology, Bhaktapur (2014-2017). He was also founder secretory of Center for Cybersecurity Research and Innovation Nepal (CSRI) (2017-2020). Also, he is Founder Chairman of Six Sigma Inc. Pvt. Ltd., (2016-2018) and VolcusSoft Pvt. Ltd., Bhaktapur (2014-2015).

His interest is to work on minimizing gap between the fresh college graduate and skilled workers demands of industry. So, he is working in such ventures that contributes on academic entrepreneurship.

He has got training from British Education Training and Technology (BETT), Malaysia, 2016. He is also trained with IPV6 Routing & Applications deployment Workshop by South Asian Network Operator Group, Kathmandu.