Sagar Gyawali

Project Coordinator

Sagar Gyawali is a professional with a diverse educational background and extensive experience in project management, humanitarian development, and academia. Holding two Master’s degrees in Social Science and an advanced degree from Nepal, India, and Switzerland, he specializes in project planning, implementation, monitoring, and reporting. With 15 years of hands-on experience, Sagar has worked across various sectors, from private organizations to CSOs, NGOs, and government authorities, managing multi-thematic projects in both development and humanitarian contexts. His expertise spans proposal development, grants management, donor relations, project implementation and organizational leadership. Sagar has a proven record in securing and managing projects with complex programmatic and financial requirements, working closely with numerous institutions and partners. He has also contributed significantly to academia, serving as an Assistant Professor at two different Universities and providing transnational education partnership support to higher education institutions. He is committed to driving impactful change and fostering sustainable development across communities.


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